A Prom Limo Gift?

Prom is just around the corner and many people you may know are struggling to organize and pay for the many costs that come along with going to prom.  For many high school kids, prom is one of the most anticipated nights of their lives.  So much to think about!  What dress?  What tuxedo?  What about pictures, hotel, transportation and more?  Help!


We know that everyone going to prom is hoping to ride in style.  Give a gift that will take a load off part of the entire prom planning.  What kind of gift?  An 800 Limo Ride gift certificate!!  I know what you’re thinking… cost.  Relax get a gift certificate in any denomination you like.  Part of the dilemma of paying for service will be taken off somebody’s shoulders.  What better gift to give to a son, daughter, niece, nephew or anyone who you know that will need and/or appreciate the help.



We have the luxury prom transportation you need.  Choose from the traditional Lincoln limo, super stretched Hummer H2, with seating for up to 20 or more.  If they really want to make it a “night to remember” they should consider the Prom party bus.  We have many other vehicle options as well, which you can see on our OC limo fleet page.


Most kids would really appreciate a limousine gift card as transportation can get really costly.  Among friends they are most likely splitting costs, so even if you purchased a small amount – it will go along way for your friends or family.


800 Limo Ride is well known for its reliability and customer satisfaction.  The other guys are known for cancelling your limousine reservation if something pricier comes along.  The car you order will be the car received no excuses!  Get the gift card from a reputable company so everyone can rest assured and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your prom!


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