Corporate & Executive Transportation

Let’s face it… for most people, a limousine brings to mind a wedding, or maybe a prom.  Or perhaps just a happy couple smiling while popped through the sunroof cruising The Sunset Strip or Hollywood (technically illegal, but we won’t get into that now).   And while it’s true that all of these are in fact uses for a limousine, what often gets overlooked when it comes to luxury transportation is executive and corporate transportation.



It could be a ride to or from Orange County or LA airports, perhaps a day-trip to several business meetings, or maybe something fun, like a night out for the office staff to celebrate winning over a big client.  Sure, for the most part, an executive isn’t going to care about booming sound systems or fiber optic lighting, so our fleet has a variety of understated luxury sedans and stretches to fit any taste.  And if the big office party thing does happen, we have 40 passenger limo buses that will fit the bill – as flashy or subdued as needed.


In most cases, it’s airport transportation and meetings.  And what executive wants to ride in a smelly cab when he can arrive in style and comfort in a professionally driven luxury sedan or SUV?  There are even hybrid vehicles available if you need or want to make a green impression with your clients.

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Whatever the vehicle need, our Orange County limo fleet has an ideal luxury limousine for your budget and requirements.  For more information about our luxury corporate and executive travel options, please visit our website, or just give us a call 365 24/7.  We’re always here to answer your luxury transportation questions, and set you up with the right vehicle for your business needs.

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