Sightseeing in LA!

Visiting LA?  Want to see all you can see but don’t want to drive yourself, or follow a predefined tour company’s idea of Los Angeles?  We have a better way…

Los Angeles sunset

The arrival: Here are a few things to consider for you and your family. Plan at least a month in advance.  Order a limousine or Sprinter to accommodate your group.  On arrival, we will be waiting to meet you in style, in the luxury limousine of your choosing, whether you’re flying into LAX, BUR or SNA, we’ve got your airport transportation covered.

The Lincoln Town Car limousine has ample luggage space and room for families up to 8.  For those with parties of 10-12 passengers consider one of the Mercedes luxury coaches.  This vehicle can hold up to 10 pieces of luggage and you have the option of limo style seating or shuttle style seating.

Lincoln Town Car limo 01

The tour: Consider visiting some or all of these spectacular places. The Hollywood Sign, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Park, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, dramatic city views, the famous Sunset Strip, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Chateau Marmont, Rodeo Drive, the Golden Triangle, the Disney Concert Hall, the La Brea Tar Pits, the Farmers Market and of course Disneyland.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

The food and lodging: Not sure on where to go for dinner, consider something along the coast: Gladstones,  Geoffreys, Moodshadows and more.  What to stay in the city, there are plenty of options in Beverly Hills, Downtown LA and Hollywood.

Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive

The Departure: Chose the luxury vehicle that best suits you and your family.  Not sure on what time to be picked up , not to worry our experienced reservationist will guide you through the process.

There you have it, from arrival to departure and everything in between we are here to help you.  Take lot’s of pictures, see all you can see, and then come back and visit us again.  And in the mean time, get a free limo price quote to get started so we’ll be ready for you when you get here.

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Our Chauffeurs, Our Service

Every week we get calls from people who have never booked a limousine with us, asking about the services we provide, and the ways it is different than other transportation options – you know, the kind that we often refer to as “amateur car services” or “phone app car services”.  That’s a pretty easy question to answer, and it often surprises people when they hear all the differences.chauffeur 1

First off, when you rent a limousine from us, you’re getting more than just a ride.  You’re getting a stylish, late model luxury vehicle.  And if you choose one of our stretch limousines, luxury coaches or party buses, you’re also getting all the amenities that are included, such as high end multimedia sound systems, TVs, bar and fiber optic lighting – not to mention enough room for 8-40 adults!  Not things you’re going to get from the guy who shows up in his Toyota Corolla.


And speaking of that… we don’t have “drivers”, we have professional chauffeurs.  And there’s a big difference.  The “car service” guys don’t have to abide by the same rules and regulations as limousine services – like different classes of drivers licenses, drug screenings, and P.U.C. regulations.  We do.  And our chauffeurs undergo continuous safety training, as well as training for each vehicle and the various systems in them.  They know their vehicles, so they can get you up to speed on all the controls at the start of your ride.


In general, when you book a limousine from us, you’ll have that same car and chauffeur for the length of your trip.  This means not having to wait for “some guy” to show up when you need to go.  It also means being able to leave personal belongings in the limo in between stops.  And your car will be waiting for you whenever you need to move on to the next destination.

While riding on the limousine, you’re free to indulge in a an adult beverage if you so desire.  Watch a movie, listen to your favorite songs, even close the partition of you desire more privacy.  No concerns about navigating, parking, traffic or drinking and driving.  It really is the ideal way to travel by car.  Good luck doing some of these things with the phone app guys.


Whether it’s a ride to the airport, a night on the town, or something big like a bachelor party, it really is tough to beat a professionally driven limousine.  And if you’re part of a group, the cost is well within reason per person, compared to the alternatives.  Sure, we’re biased – being a limousine service – but when you think about it, it would be hard to disagree.  But don’t take our word for it here, check out our Orange County limo fleet, then submit a free limo price quote request, and see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Corporate & Executive Transportation

Let’s face it… for most people, a limousine brings to mind a wedding, or maybe a prom.  Or perhaps just a happy couple smiling while popped through the sunroof cruising The Sunset Strip or Hollywood (technically illegal, but we won’t get into that now).   And while it’s true that all of these are in fact uses for a limousine, what often gets overlooked when it comes to luxury transportation is executive and corporate transportation.



It could be a ride to or from Orange County or LA airports, perhaps a day-trip to several business meetings, or maybe something fun, like a night out for the office staff to celebrate winning over a big client.  Sure, for the most part, an executive isn’t going to care about booming sound systems or fiber optic lighting, so our fleet has a variety of understated luxury sedans and stretches to fit any taste.  And if the big office party thing does happen, we have 40 passenger limo buses that will fit the bill – as flashy or subdued as needed.


In most cases, it’s airport transportation and meetings.  And what executive wants to ride in a smelly cab when he can arrive in style and comfort in a professionally driven luxury sedan or SUV?  There are even hybrid vehicles available if you need or want to make a green impression with your clients.

chauffeur 2

Whatever the vehicle need, our Orange County limo fleet has an ideal luxury limousine for your budget and requirements.  For more information about our luxury corporate and executive travel options, please visit our website, or just give us a call 365 24/7.  We’re always here to answer your luxury transportation questions, and set you up with the right vehicle for your business needs.

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What to Expect?

When traveling to the airport in a limo, you might not think so, but there’s much to expect.  It’s not just another ride.  It is different, we are different.

airport limousines1

At the very least, your experience should include a ride that’s comfortable, quiet and smooth in a vehicle that is luxurious and roomy.  And vehicles should be new and well maintained.  We’ve detailed several of the qualities you should expect from a limousine transportation provider that prides itself on a first class service.

Excellent Vehicle Condition

When selecting an airport limousine company, make sure the vehicles are new and in pristine condition.  And look for a company that updates its fleet frequently, and keeps all the limos well maintained and safe.

Lincoln stretch limo interior

Top-rated chauffeur

The chauffeur should be neat in appearance, as it is a reflection of his or her professionalism.  Being knowledgeable and experienced is also a must – especially in a city like Los Angeles, as a limo driver that is knowledgeable will be able to take alternative routes due to unforeseen circumstances.

chauffeur 1


Make sure the company you select is open 24 hours.


Flights operate on tight schedules and once you have booked the risk of missing one is too great because it means you will have to wait for several more hours or days in order to catch the next one.  It could also mean cancelling the trip altogether.  This could translate to lost business opportunities or missed family events.  So when looking for transportation in Orange County or Los Angeles County, find one that is reliable and has a reputation for punctuality.  If the company is not 15 minutes early- that’s late!

late for flight

If you are not getting all of the above from the limousine company you’re using, then you are not getting value for your money, and you should look elsewhere for your luxury airport transportation.

If you’d like to see some of the luxury limos in our fleet, check out our website, or give us a call 24/7 365.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, or arrange for a personal showing of any of our vehicles.

Thanks for reading, and have a good flight!